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All of the picks you need, covering all the major sports, in one place, covered by Harry Gagnon, professional gambler.

Harry Gagnon has been gambling since he used to run football parlay cards for the local town bookmaker when he was 9.  By the time he was in high school, Harry was a full fledged sports gambler.  Luckily for us not much has changed from then until today.  Harry analyzes all the point spreads, money lines and totals in order to bring you the best edge in making your sports wagers.  Harry can be heard as one third of the "Degenerate Trifecta" on the Against All Odds podcast with Cousin Sal every week on The Extra Points podcast network.  Harry is also a recurring guest on dozens of sports talk radio shows all over North America.

Over 30 years of Harry's sports gambling expertise comes to everyone right here at the Best Bet Corner.  After attending college in upstate New York, Harry accepted a job at CNN in Atlanta.  Unfortunately on the way to Atlanta, Harry stopped in Las Vegas where he spent almost 20 years working in Sportsbooks in Vegas casinos and betting on pretty much everything and anything.  Harry currently lives with his girlfriend in Phoenix, Arizona after being run out of Las Vegas by the Nevada Gaming Commission. The rest is history.

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Eric Cohen graduated from the University of Arizona in 2005. He later became the Programming Manager and Sports Director at KAZT-TV in Phoenix. Most recently he's been a co-host of the weekday afternoon sports talk show, The Daily Blender, on 1580 The Fanatic in Phoenix. He's an avid UofA sports fan, having not missed a home football game in over a decade, while also rooting for his beloved Chicago Cubs. If there are sports on, Eric is watching and betting on them. Eric bets a lot.   Eric currently lives in Scottsdale, Arizona where ladies fight over him regularly.

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Lenny Kay grew up in Staten Island, New York. Lenny now lives in Los Angeles and is quite the gambler himself.  When not producing Best Bet Corner or playing blackjack in a Vegas casino, Lenny loves all sports and especially brings his love of Cricket to the US after being based in Delhi, India for 9 years.  Lenny has been divorced 4 times and currently serves as the Senior VP of Content for Sunbet Productions.  In his spare time Lenny can be found tending to his Bonsai tree collection, as he claims the trees are the only thing in his life "that don't talk back to him."

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