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By Harry Gagnon

My #6 prop will be from my good friend who I now work with at Cousin Sal's ExtraPoints podcast network, the dynamite Dave Dameshek (you I'm sure have also caught Dave's excellent insight on the NFL Channel but probably didn't know he claims to be a expert donut connoisseur).

My #7 prop will be from Brian Szokoli (aka...Brother Bri) who is part of the golf article each and every week and of course he, his brother The Parlay Kid and myself make up The Degenerate Trifecta on the award nominated podcast Against All Odds with Cousin Sal.

You can find both Dave & Brian on like I said the Extrapoints podcast network and on twitter at @Dameshek & @thebrotherbri



BUTTERMILK DONUT- Dave truly believes the Buttermilk donut is the GOAT of Donuts

Dave feels that Brady will come through in the clutch, in the heat of battle and throw a TD pass at the end of the game in the 4th quarter. One may argue that the buttermilk donut may or may not be the GOAT of donuts but what we do know for sure is Tom Brady will lay it all on the line late in the 4th quarter and to go against the GOAT isn't a wise play.



OLD FASHIONED DONUT-Brother Bri has been all over this bet for a few years now and he has cashed in on it plenty. This bet hit three times in the Super Bowl last year and has hit three times for the Chiefs in this postseason. This bet is as reliable as the old fashioned donut with a hot fresh cup of coffee.

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