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Advertising at Its Best!

Which commercial will appear first, Audi -125 or Porsche -115

Harry's Pick - Audi

This one is easy to figure out. Audi comes first alphabetically. You see how these bets are going to go after that?

Which commercial will appear first, Heinz -220 or Cheetos +155

Harry's Pick - NO PICK

I’ll lean towards the underdog Cheetos here but no pick.

Halftime Props

Will Jennifer Lopez show butt cleavage?

Harry's Pick - YES +500, I certainly hope so

I’m not exactly sure what butt cleavage is but nonetheless, Yes please.

Will Alex Rodriguez be shown during halftime?

Harry's Pick - YES +300

Well, since A-Rod works for FOX and his wife is the headliner at halftime, I think this is sort of a easy underdog winning play.

Will Gloria Estefan be on stage at some point during halftime?

Harry's Pick - YES +200

Estefan’s band Miami Sound Machine is legendary in the sunshine state and it would be cool to see her on stage singing with J-Lo.

In the Booth with Aikman and Buck

Will FOX show a clip or picture of Joe Montana playing with the Chiefs?

Harry's Pick - YES +150

Look, FOX has to be fair in this situation. We all know we will see a clip of Joe in a 49ers uniform, so showing him in the gold and red of Kansas City will have to happen at least once.

Will FOX mention Colin Kaepernick?

Harry's Pick - NO -300

The Super Bowl is supposed to be a fun time between friends so let’s not bring this controversy into it.

Will announcer Joe Buck mention his father during the broadcast?

Harry's Pick - YES -150

Joe’s dad is a legend in the broadcasting fraternity, and he was the play by play broadcaster for the very first Super Bowl played between the Chiefs and the Packers. His father deserves more than a mention and it would be a sincere moment none of us would not soon forget.

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