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Current Odds to win the 2021 Superbowl

Harry's Pick - KC Chiefs at +700

+700 Chiefs

+800 Ravens

+800 Patriots

+800 49ers

15/1 Saints

20/1 Cowboys

20/1 Steelers

25/1 Packers

25/1 Eagles

25/1 Chargers

25/1 Seahawks

Patrick Mahomes in just his 3rd year as a pro, captured the MVP of the Super Bowl and already is a Super Bowl champion so of course KC is the favorite to win it again next season.

Teams that also may be a look to dethrone Kansas City would be Lamar Jackson’s Baltimore Ravens. Baltimore I’m sure has a bad taste in their mouth on how their season ended and the same could be said for Drew Brees and the Saints. The Niners at 8/1 should be extremely tough again and the Seahawks at 25/1 looks like a solid value play.

A lot of questions for some teams such as the Steelers at 20/1 with Big Ben coming back from being injured and turning 38, and what are the Patriots going to do with Tom Brady?

The future looks bright for Andy Reid, Patrick Mahomes and the rest of the Chiefs, so at 7/1 KC looks to be my best bet for the championship next season.


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