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+7.5 Panthers vs Buccaneers

Carolina has not lost to Tampa Bay by more than 7 since 2010, that is a lot of QB’s that have come and gone. Tom Brady believe it or not has thrown a pick 6 in 3 straight games. Let’s roll with Bridgewater (who played extremely well versus the Las Vegas Raiders) and McCaffrey with more than a TD.

24 Buccaneers

21 Panthers

-9 Chiefs vs Chargers

Whether it be Patrick Mahomes or whoever the QB is for Kansas City, they have downright owned the Chargers over the last several years. The Chiefs have beaten the Chargers in 11 of their last 12 meetings and have won 6 straight games in either San Diego or Los Angeles. In 4 of the Chiefs last 5 games on the road in this series they have won the game by double digits, so let’s make it 5 of 6.

35 Chiefs

23 Chargers

-4 Seahawks vs Patriots

Even though the Pats won in week 1 I wasn’t sold on Cam Newton, their receivers or their team as a whole. Seattle on the other hand, was beyond impressive with a 13 -point win on the road (8-1 in last 9 regular season road games) in Atlanta. QB Russell Wilson was 31-35 and had four touchdown passes. Speaking of touchdown passes, Wilson has six of them in two career regular season games against the Pats with no picks. Hopefully, head coach Pete Carroll allows Wilson to spread his wings for the entire game again and if he does, I don’t see how New England will be able to catch up.

38 Seahawks

16 Patriots

Over 53 Falcons / Cowboys

The Falcons defense looked like the Falcons defense from the first half of the season last year. They were torn up by Russell Wilson and Dak Prescott is looking to do the same. QB Matt Ryan did all he could with 450 yards and having three of his receivers go for over 100 yards each. That Atlanta game ended up with 63 points and the last time Matt Ryan and the Falcons visited Dallas 67 points were scored. Dallas was a bit bottled up by the Rams last week, but Zeke Elliott, CeeDee Lamb and the rest of the Cowboys are ready to explode.

41 Cowboys

30 Falcons

The Rest of My Best Bet Corner Crew’s Best Bet

Darren “The Parlay Kid’

After Week 1 – 0-1

Broncos +7.5

Producer Michael

After Week 1 – 0-1

Rams -1

Brother Brian

After Week 1 – 1-0

Chiefs -8.5

Harry’s Play

After Week 1 – 0-1

Falcons/Cowboys Over 53


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