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Friday, October 2, 2020

NBA Game 2 Heat versus Lakers

-130 Heat Jimmy Butler over 23.5 Points

Butler is averaging 21 a game during the postseason but will have to pick it up in game 2 because the Heat will be without bigman Bam Adebayo and leading shot taker (16 shots a game) Goran Dragic. Those two combine for 28 shots a game so there will be extra pressure on Butler to score more and he should have many more opportunities.

28 Points for Butler

WNBA Game 1 Storm versus Aces

+5.5 Aces over Storm

The Aces beat the Storm in both their matchups this season and have won four of their last five against Seattle. In the game the Storm won Las Vegas kept it close and lost by under five points. The Aces are led by WNBA MVP A’ja Wilson who scored 22 points a game and shot 52% from the field this season. I’ll roll with my ex-hometown and the MVP of the league especially if you are going to give me 5.5 points.

79 Seattle Storm

78 Las Vegas Aces


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