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Team to Score First in the Game

Harry's Pick KC Chiefs -110

The Chiefs, in both of their playoff games, have fallen behind early. First 24-0 to the Texans and then 10-0 to the Titans. The Niners scored first in their two playoff games so the smart play, you would figure, would be the Niners. However, working in Las Vegas sportsbooks for fourteen years, I often saw that the obvious bet didn’t always get you to the ticket window to cash your bet. I am going to buck the trend and make a major move here on Mahomes. (I'm taking KC in case you didn't figure it out )

Number of Players to Attempt a Pass 2.5

Harry's Pick OVER 2.5 -150

This is a play I like for fwo reasons. The first reason is because you are always alive in this bet for the entire game. The second reason is that you can only win during the game and you can’t lose it until the end of the game. This prop has gone over in three of the last four years and four of the last six. In the Eagles/Patriots game two years ago, Philadelphia tight end Trey Burton and Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola both attempted a pass in the wild Eagles victory. The season before that, wide receiver Julian Edelman, who was a quarterback in college at Kent State, threw a pass against the Falcons. Wide receiver Tedd Ginn Jr. attempted a pass for the Panthers in the loss to the Broncos in 2016. Why would you ever take the under in a bet like this ? You wouldn't.

Will Either Team Score in the First 7.5 Minutes of the Game ?

Harry's Pick YES -175

Yes has been the answer in seven of the ten playoff games this season. In the Chiefs playoff games it has hit because of the opposing teams efforts and it hit in the Vikings game as the 49ers scored a touchdown but it did not hit in the Packers game. Anything can happen but even more can happen than anything when Patrick Mahomes is in the game.

Will Either Team Score in the Last 2 Minutes of the First Half ?

Harry's Pick YES -350

In both of San Francisco’s playoff games this season, yes has been the winner. Not only has this bet won in the two KC playoff games, but the yes has hit in the Chief's last seven playoff games. Mahomes was flawless in the drive right before half that gave the Chiefs a 21-17 lead with 11 seconds left but the only hang-up is having to lay the big -350 juice.

Shortest Touchdown of the Game ?

Harry's Pick UNDER 1.5 Yards -165

This is a wild prop that has gone under a crazy number of times in playoff games since 2013. In 62 of the last 87 playoff games this under has hit. The under is 17-15 during that stretch in wildcard games. In the divisional rounds it heats up and goes to 25-7. However, in the conference championship the under is an astonishing 15-1 and a solid 5-2 in the Super Bowl for a combined record of 62-25. It’s simply amazing. All you need to know is this: Numbers don’t lie

Have a look at my "Off-Field" Super Bowl props in my next article.


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