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-3 Texans versus Lions

The Lions just got shutout against a hurting Panthers team and are just 29th in rushing in the league. The Texans have slayed the Lions the last three times they have met and they looked really good on both sides of the ball in their win on Sunday over the New England Patriots.

30 Texans

23 Lions

-2.5 Cowboys versus Washington Football Team

The Cowboys offense was back after their upset win in Minnesota. They will also seek revenge of their 25-3 loss in Washington earlier this season. Dallas will also look to avoid getting swept by Washington for the first time since 2012. Dallas has also taken down Washington three straight times at home, while scoring at least 31 points in all three games.

31 Cowboys

20 Redskins

-4 Steelers versus Ravens

The Ravens have lost three of their last four games and now have COVID issues as running backs Mark Ingram and JK Dobbins will miss the game on Thursday. Pittsburgh has scored at least 24 points in every game this year and I'm thinking with the lack of production from Baltimore's wide receiver core the Steelers defense will rise to the occasion.

24 Steelers

16 Ravens


+650 Houston Texans to Win by 7-10 Points

How about these for numbers ?

A- Last year on Thanksgiving the Bears beat the Lions by 7

B- Two years ago on Thanksgiving the Vikings beat the Lions by 7

C- in 2016, the last time Houston and Detroit met the Texans won by 7

D- in 2008, the Texans beat the Lions by 7

Harry's BestBetCorner Crew's Plays on Turkey Day

Darren "The Parlay Kid"

Under 51.5 Texans/Lions

Over 46.5 Washington/Cowboys

-4 Steelers

Producer Michael

-3 Texans

-2.5 Cowboys

+4 Ravens

Brother Bri

-3 Texans

Under 46.5 Washington/Cowboys

Over 45 Ravens/Steelers

Happy Thanksgiving everyone !!!!

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